Places Around

Other than the must see places listed below, in and around Kosi Valley Retreat, there are some unknown, uncanny and unfamiliar places that you can explore with us that can turn you into fascinating storyteller.
Have you been in a jungle with trees with moss growing all over it?

Have you ever got a chance to experience the chill down the spine as you walk through the streams in the jungle amidst leopard caves?

Have you ever trekked up through dusk and camped up in the hills to sleep under a star studded sky?

How about having cappuccino in a café shop as old as the British time and have the most beautiful sunset with the hues of orange, red and yellow brush on the white glazing snow of the Himalayas?
Have you been to a temple with lakhs of different sized bells hanging all over?

How about a village walk as you ramble through the paddy fields, forests, along the gurgling clear water streams, under the cool shadows of the colossal cedar and pine forests and doused the fatigue by sipping into honey dropped lemon chai with an 80 year old chacha as he narrates you intriguing stories of his era of the places around?


Hotel Kosi Valley Retreat, Almora Almora Ranikhet


A quaint little hill station conceived by the British tucked away in the Kumaon Himalayas. An old army cantonment from British time. Charmingly unspoilt natural beauty…Serene and quiet. This is Ranikhet for you.It is a haven for bird watchers. Ranikhet is a place which has preserved its virginity and pristine charm.

The sweep of Himalayan range visible from here is arguably the largest available from any place. Ranikhet’s golf course is a natural nine-hole course and is one of the prime attractions of Ranikhet.

Enroute visit Chaubatia gardens,this place has plantation of apricots, peaches, chestnuts, and almonds and is famous for apple orchards. With a wide variety of Himalayan flora, it also offers the picturesque views of snowcapped Himalayas. Apart from fruits, one can buy fresh juices and artisan honey from the garden store on the way out.Also visit the Rama mandir dedicated to lord Rama. A small flight of stairs goes to the hilltop where the temple is situated. Rama Mandir has a monastery where students are taught ancient vedas along with vedic and modern mathematics. If you have keen interest in vedas then you should not miss the chance to visit this temple.



Almora is located at an altitude of 1638 meters (5,500 feet), on a ridge at the southern edge of the Kumaon Hills of the Himalaya range. In the shape of a horse saddle shaped hillock it is surrounded by thick forests of pine and fur trees, flowing alongside the city are rivers of Koshi (Kaushiki) and Suyal (salmale) and to top it all are the snow capped Himalayas in the background.

Hotel Kosi Valley Retreat, Almora Almora Almora

With snow clad plumed peaks, majestic peaks, variegated flora and fauna, wildlife and lakes as well as nature’s benignity at the fullest at every step in Almora, you can romance the powdery snow here on the hills. Cleanse your soul on the enviable peaks of Almora.

The world has been bewitched by its beauty so much so that Franco-Australian-India Bollywood star Almora Davie was named after this hill station (Almora) followed by another popular film star, Uma Thurman, also resided in the same hill station.

Visit the Jageshwar Temple is believed to be the adobe of twelve Jyotirling’s. It is situated in a verdant narrow valley surrounded by magnificent Deodar trees. These temples range in the period from 8th century and are estimated to be about 2500 yrs old. There is a small museum where statues of artistic value, removed from the various shrines, have been preserved by the archaeological department.Most of the shrines are located in the main temple complex, but a kilometer away is the Dandeshwar group of temples, seven or eight shrines dominated by a massive temple with a towering spire.


Hotel Kosi Valley Retreat, Almora Almora Kausani


Kausani is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and imagination-stirring scenic beauty, which has earned it the moniker the ‘Switzerland of India’. Kausani offers a quite a vantage view of Himalayas mountain range – Nanda Devi and Trishul. At 7817 meters, Nanda Devi is the second highest peak in India.

Lying in the Katyuri valley, 19 kms away from Kausani and 26 kms from Bageshwar, is the small but ancient town of Baijnath.

In Kumaun socio cultural region, Baijnath is one among remote antiquity and of historical importance. The remnants of those glorious days lie at the bank of the Gomti River in the form of a group of temples. The water is crystal clear and there are lots of fish that abound. One can feed fishes here.

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