WTH Biking Challenge Annual Event | 1st Edition | 5-7 Dec, 2014

Event Location: Almora, Uttarakhand

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Walk to Himalayas organised WTH Biking Challenge from 5 – 7 December 2014 at Almora, Uttarakhand. The event was attended by 16 enthusiastic bikers. All the bikers conglomerated at Kosi Valley Retreat on 5 December.

Kosi Valley Retreat is a beautiful home stay property located next to the river Kosi. Its surrounded by Jungles and is an ideal place for adventure and lesiure trips. The cyclists were happy to be at Kosi Valley Retreat.

Post breakfast on 6th December riders were debriefed regarding the route and what to keep in mind while crossing the blind turns. Bikers rode off to Almora which is 32 kms from Kosi Valley Retreat, Almora. This was an on-road cycling route with enough incline and decline to test the skills of the bikers. All bikers ended the 1st leg of the ride at Shikhar restaurant for lunch and post lunch rode back to Kosi valley Retreat. All in all bikers rode 64 kms on day 1. Bikers were welcomed at the Kosi valley Retreat with hot pakoras and chai. In the evening bikers enjoyed the quite Kumaon evening with the mystical sound of flowing river in the background. As the evening grew cold campfire kept the riders warm. At 10.30 pm in the cold night a pack of riders ventured out for a moon light walk. The clear sky ensured enough light for all to walk without any other source of light. There were few mischievous in the group who suddenly screamed leopard and created a sudden chaos for all to run. The prank only brought in a smile and helped shrug off the stress and tiredness of cycling in the day.

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Day 2:- Brought in increased camaraderie among the cyclist. Post breakfast riders flocked out towards Aeradev on an off-road jungle route of total 60 kms. The off-road route tested the best of the participants. The rocky forest track ensured no muscle in hand and legs were left unshaken. Few riders were bumped off their cycles a few times, but as we say no pain no gain. The experience of falling off and getting back to pedalling brought smile and unshakable confidence. The view of Himalayas from the route was mindblowing. The majestic Himalayas stood steady sharing its serenity while the riders went about their ride. The evening brought in a sense of accomplishment as the riders returned home to Kosi Valley Retreat. As always hot chai and pakoras were welcomed by the riders.

As evening grew darker, riders were felicitated. The entire team of Walk to Himalayas and Kosi Valley Retreat were thanked for their efforts in creating a spectacular experience for the riders. WTH Biking Challenge brought together people from all walks of life. There were participants from Finance industry, IT industry, Media industry, Healthcare industry, Entrepreneurs etc with one common passion of cycling. We look forward to many such successful events and meeting such extraordinary people who faced challenges and came out successful.

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