High Heels on Higher Peaks - All Women's Adventure Tour | 13-16 Apr, 2017

Event Time: 6:00 / Event Location: Kosi Valley Retreat, Uttarakhand

She laughed carelessly,
She hummed…sang worry-free,
She felt the grass beneath her bare feet and the sulphate blue clear sky above her,
Bonded with her breed,
Felt every element of the nature around her.
These 4 days were Hers, only Hers.

This was High Heels on Higher Peaks, Walk to Himalayas’ All-Women Adventure Retreat April 2017.

Kosi Valley Retreat, Almora Almora IMG-20170510-WA0024
Kosi Valley Retreat, Almora Almora IMG-20170510-WA0022
Kosi Valley Retreat, Almora Almora IMG-20170508-WA0008

Highlights of this tour are:
LIVE YOUR ADVENTURE – Trek, Bike, Trail Run and Indulge in Adventure activities
TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF – Camp in the wild
EMPOWER YOUR BODY AND MIND – Taekwondo session
Set against spectacular scenery, this sojourn gave plenty of opportunities to soak up the surroundings of Himalayas at Kosi Valley Retreat.
Day 1 was enjoying the stay in the quaint stay in the backdrop of towering ancient forest, simply relaxing and ambling around.  In the evening there were activities like pitching tent and treasure hunt.
Day 2 started with cycling to Rudrahari (23kms) and back. Evening was spent by river Kosi which merrily flows just by the Resort and being a part of the symphony of the vibrant chirpy birds. Followed by a delicious family-style dinner. Camp under the canopy of millions stars in the Resort.
Day 3 was dedicated to Village walk activity. The day was well spent exploring the surroundings of the land, enjoying a unique rendezvous with the locals, learning about history and legends.
Day 4 started with a jungle trek behind the property and followed by a trek along the riverside. Post breakfast they departed from Kosi Valley Retreat to Nainital to do the best activity– SHOP and explore some of the nearby places.
Finally it was time to wish adios to the royal forest of Deodhar trees, the blissfully undiluted silence, the crisp air laden with the scent of pines, and finally the enthralling ambiance of the Himalayan range and retrace path back home taking back along new memories and new bondings to be treasured for life.

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