The Organic Way in Kosi Valley Retreat

Traditional to Holistic. Nourishing. Restore & Revitalise. Improve your health, sense of balance & mental quietude!

At Kosi Valley Retreat, our Cuisine reflects our philosophy of healthy living and the celebration of different flavors and local culture, featuring fresh and healthy dishes with enough sumptuous twist to satisfy the most discerning gourmet palates.

Health: Kosi Valley Retreat offers artful and inspired cuisine that has a fresh and local culinary flair and where possible organic produce. We mainly cook the fresh vegetables grown in the resort and locally raised organic produce near the resort, free from pesticides and other harmful treatments. We believe in sustainability.

Happiness: We believe in the happiness provided by nature, which is often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of today’s hectic lifestyle; simple things like the smell of fresh cut grass, silence broken only by birdsong, the sight of green gardens.

Herbal teas, fresh herbs and spices all bursting with flavors, nutrients, medicinal properties and taste-bud tempting goodness.

Each season brings in new flavors, colors and tastes, as it should, and different months bring different delights.

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