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Deep down in the rurals of Kumaon Region, in a small village called Simkholi, there are some 17 tiny lives which are getting transformed. These tiny tots have got the privilege to educate themselves. Miles apart someone who is busy pacing with the heady speed of Mumbai life, where the choice of schools is myriad; based on the swankiness of the school building, central air-conditioning, laptop based learning and so on, probably may find this evolution back in that village insignificant. But for those families this is a radical shift in their thinking and a huge breakthrough to have their current generation pursue education.

Our first visit to this small school (with a big name) – Prathamic Vidyalaya Babri Someshwar was quite an eye opener and surreal. The enthusiastic voices singing Ja Na Ga Ma Na was echoing in the valleys and woods nearby. The school has a bunch of 17 students from class 1 to 5 with 1 teacher, all studying together. The cook who prepares their meals during school hours is fondly names as Bhojan Mata which means Mother of Food.

Since Prathamic Vidyalaya school is next to Kosi Valley Retreat, we started frequenting often here and realised there is lots we need to contribute here. From bringing in more kids from the villages nearby to the schools to providing them with amenities to much more.

We have started supplying the kids with stationery and books. Every Saturday the kids have their day out excursion at our Resort and have a nice spread of sumptuous meal. Some of our generous guests have thought of contributing few laptops and x-boxes for their learning and recreation.

We intend to sponsor the education of few kids and take time out to teach few sessions. Each time we leave the campus with lots to think about. I am grateful we discovered this school and giving me the opportunity to see a bit of real India and makes one appreciate and feel gratified of the privileges I am blessed with. The children we came across were alive, curious to learn and eager to imbibe knowledge. The process is slow; the journey is long; but the beginning has happened. Each time at the school teaches a lot, evolves me more and makes me feel useful to be of some help however minute.

“small steps towards a big difference”

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